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F-One Kitefoil Carbon Race Grand Prix

This full carbon foil gathers the best of design and technology to reach amazing racing performances

The Foil Carbon Race Grand Prix is made of:

Mast Full Carbon Race 105cm
Front Wing Carbon Race 540
Fuselage SST Carbon Race 38cm
Stabilizer Carbon Race 210cm²
Accessible, progressive, performing, light and maneuverable, the F-ONE kitefoil range has been created to provide the best dedicated weapon to all riders.

Foiling is more than a new discipline; it’s a whole new world. The F-ONE kitefoil range has been developed with the most experienced foil riders and every element of the foil has been designed to deliver the best imaginable experience out on the water whether you about to start or if you already master the magic of foiling.

With innovation deeply rooted into its DNA, the F-ONE team has worked tirelessly to design, engineer, test and optimize this new piece of equipment. The shapes and profiles have been carefully selected and optimized by F-ONE’s in-house naval architect, and the foil assembly concept was completely thought back towards ease of use.

We have developed and patented a brand new concept for the assembly of the mast, fuselage and wings because this is a critical aspect of the kitefoil. It drives the reliability and ease of use for assembling and taking the foil apart for transportation, as much as the repeatability of the trim between the front and rear wings.

The main benefit of the system is the one and only screw that maintains all the parts together: mast, front wing and fuselage.This screw is placed longitudinally and is therefore only stressed in tension instead of shear or bending. The whole foil can be tightened up with everything working in a sound mechanical way.

To gain some precision, robustness and packed-up volume, the screw is combined with a squared, conical assembling system, which has been proven as the best mechanical setup to lock any motion or degree of freedom between the parts, while also contributing greatly to tensional resistance.

The 105cm Carbon F-ONE mast is the racing mast of the range. Designed for maximum performance in all conditions with no compromise.

Length : 95cm
Chord: Bottom= 11cm / Top= 13.5cm
Thickness: Bottom = 1.2cm / Top=1.35cm
Weight: 1.65kg

The progressive profile ensures this mast has the required speed potential to dominate the competition at the highest level. The chord length and its specific shape guaranty a safe and stable behavior at higher speeds with no turbulence. Its elaborate carbon Pre-preg one-shot molding construction makes sure this mast meets the required demand on torsion and bending stiffness to keep the control of the foil at any moment and especially when pushing hard.

Equipped with the patented FAST CONNECTION DEVICE constructed from Pre-preg carbon, this mast comes with great modularity and ease of use as one single screw is all that’s needed to assemble the main parts together. Compatible with all F-ONE wings and foil parts, this mast is recommended with the Race wing for higher performances.

As the stresses increase with the length of the mast, the latter is equipped with a Deep KF Box for more reliability and can be assembled with all boards featuring this box.

A top end foil mast for ultimate speed and control.

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