Ultimate Guide for Kiting in the UAE 2023

Ultimate Guide for Kiting in the UAE 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned kitesurfer or just a beginner, finding a good spot for your level can be difficult, especially in the U.A.E. With the information provided below you will be equipped with the proper knowledge to decide which spot is for you.

Wind in the U.A.E

The wind in the U.A.E is usually a thermal wind that is formed due to the change of temperature between the sea and the desert during day and night time. If you’re looking for stronger wind then you have to wait for Shamal. This northwesterly wind blows over Iraq and the Persian Gulf states and reaches the UAE several times a year, providing perfect conditions for stronger wind sessions. So keep an eye out for the Shamal and get ready for an awesome kitesurfing experience!

For the less windy days, lightwind conditions don‘t have to stop you from kitesurfing! Local riders are out on the water several times a week, and all you need to know is what gear to bring. Leave your smaller kites at home (anything smaller than 14m) and opt for an inflatable kite that‘s about 15 meters and if you‘re on a twin tip board, make sure it‘s longer than 140cm. If you want to get the most out of your kitesurfing sessions, invest insurfboard or foil board and take your skills to the next level!

Kiting in Abu Dhabi

On average Abu Dhabi’s wind range varies from 9-14 knots most of the year. However, you do get a good 60-90 days of winds above 15 knots after winter as the climate gets warmer. Most of the spots are surrounded by mangroves which keeps the swell away providing relatively flat water year-round. Before you hit the water, make sure you are fully prepared by checking the tide coefficients and learning the specificities of the spot! That way, you can avoid shallow areas and kitesurf with full confidence.

1. The Islands (Location)

This spot is located west of Qasr al Watan between Massnoua Island and another island. The location is unfortunately only accessible by boat. However, if you have no plans during the weekend and access to a boat, this place is literally a kitesurfing paradise with long sand banks and water breaks protecting you from the swell coming from the ocean keeping the water super flat which is perfect for riding and jumps. This place is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders. Usually, the winds are 2 to 3 knots stronger out there so always make sure you take a few smaller kites!

2. Yas North Kite Beach (Location)

Located on the north side of the island, the beach is public and free of charge. The entry to the beach is guarded by security to ensure safety and allow only kiters, wing foilers, and other water sports enthusiasts to enter. Regular kite surfers will be obligated to register for an annual membership card at the security gate so make sure to bring your Emirates ID.

Visitors will need to show their ID and sign a disclaimer. In addition, certified and approved kitesurfing instructors will be on-site to help beginners, provide lessons and launch newbies. The spot is perfect for kite foilers and wing foilers as deep water starts right after entering the water. The spot also has a shade to hide away from the strong sun during summer and 3 storage rooms for regular riders. The only drawback of this spot is that it’s not beginner friendly. There are a lot of sharp rocks on the shore so you can easily damage your kite if you drop it.

3. Al Saadiyat Hidd (Location)

Located on Saadiyat Island with a beautiful sandy beach. The spot has one of the most beautiful beaches in Abu Dhabi and has plenty of space to set up. The only way you can get into this spot is by invite from someone that lives within the compound at Hidd. It’s perfect if you like to have fun in the waves. This is a spot for advanced riders as waves can get pretty big during windier days. Sometimes there is enough swell to actually surf.


Kiting in Dubai

Kitesurfing in Dubai usually happens in 812 knot winds, but you can expect around 25 sessions a year with winds above 15 knots. In comparison to Abu Dhabi, Dubai always has around 2-3 knots less.

1. Kite Beach (Location)

Experience the thrill of kitesurfing at Kite Beach, a renowned Dubai public beach! Perfect for water sports enthusiasts, you can practice activities like kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and standup paddleboarding with the necessary equipment available for rent. Go in the afternoon when optimal conditions are met, and you‘ll have the added bonus of making friends with the welcoming atmosphere.

If the wind is too weak, you can join in a volleyball game or take your family out to enjoy the restaurants and activities nearby perfect for when you need a break to hone your kitesurf skills. For a warmup before your session, run along the 14 km track of Kite Beach and take in the views of the Burj Al Arab. And don‘t forget to stop for some of Kite Beach‘s famous burgers from SALT afterward!

2. Nessnass Beach (Location)

Discover Nessnass Beach, the preferred spot of local kitesurfers! Located near Sunset Mall, this beach is perfect for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. The Ushape of the beach is ideal for all wind directions, and its seawalls help to prevent waves from disturbing beginners. Plus, you can park your car easily at the Roda Beach Resort. And don‘t forget to visit the nearby Dubai Offshore Sailing Club Harbor; 100 meters away, you can watch sailing boats in action during their weekend regattas. So come explore Nessnass Beach and have a great time kitesurfing!

3. Jebel Ali Beach (Location)

Experience the thrill of kitesurfing at Jebal Ali’s kitesurf spot! Located between Jebel Ali Beach Hotel and the Palm Jebel Ali, you can get to this small but uncrowded beach in 20 to 40 minutes depending on where you‘re coming from in Dubai. The shape of the Palm protects the beach from waves, making the spot almost as flat as a lake perfect for kitesurfing! If you need to rent any water sports equipment, Kitesurf Arabia is the place for you. So come explore Jebal Ali’s kitesurf spot and have a great time!



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