AED 7,000.00


Program: Performance Wave

Waves: Small to big

New 2020 shape
Instinctive take off
Amazing manoeuvrability
Sharp turn, speed, power
Get the most out of every wave!

The MADEIRO is the board for all riders looking to perform in all wave types.

This year we have made considerable changes in order to increase the performances of the board in all wave types.
We have increased the volume of the nose and added more rocker towards it.
Having increased the volume of the nose brings more stability and a better longitudinal balance. Take-off is easier and this volume helps during the bottom-turns for very intuitive carving.

The MADEIRO has now a round/pintail which brings more fluidity and manoeuvrability. Rail-to-rail surfing, easy top turns and less speed loss.

The hull keeps its simple concave with thinner rails thanks to the bevels. F-ONE Surf SUP boards have quite some width for their given volume. It allows to get the necessary stability whilst keeping thinner rails. The MADEIRO surfs better with thinner rails and more width than with thicker rails and less width.

[CARBON ONLY] The smaller sizes (< 8’0”) are genuine high performance surf boards, very well balanced and especially responsive to perform the most explosive surf. They have new width 6’8 x 23.5 – 7’2 x 24.5 – 7’5 x 25.5 – 7’7 x 26.5 – 7’9 x 27.5. The middle sizes (8’0” / 8’3”) offer a very dynamic behaviour with enough volume to let all types of riders express themselves with some progressive and committed surf. Available in 8’0 x 29 – 8’3 x 30 The larger sizes (8’5” / 8’8”) are very accessible wave boards with a lot of stability. They remain very responsive in the waves and offer a lot of possibilities for the heavier riders or those less experimented. This year they are narrower and have the new shape, available in: 8’5 x 31 – 8’8 x 32 CONSTRUCTION The PRO CARBON construction is available on the whole range from 6’8” to 8’8”. The deck is built from layers of glass, bamboo and some bi-axial carbon fabrics. The bottom features an HD foam sandwich with glass layers and some bi-axial carbon fabrics. The brushed carbon finish ensures the weight remains minimal. This construction brings an impressive resistance to the MADEIRO range combined with absolute light weight.

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