2020 F-ONE MITU PRO BAMBOO FOIL 5’6, 5’8 & 5’10



MITU Pro Bamboo Foil
Much more than an icon and a best-seller, the Mitu Pro Model is first and foremost Mitu’s board, and this means one thing: the board is always at the top of its game, year after year, just like the man himself.

2 in 1 board for surfing and foiling
Excellent in waves AND freestyle
Intuitive and playful in ALL conditions

With the addition of the Twin Track the MITU PRO BAMBOO FOIL is a fantastic 2 in 1 board. Take advantage of Mitu’s impressive experience to enjoy the best wave session on one day. Mount any foil with a top plate on the next day and cruise around the bay on a foil. In addition to the standard inline inserts, the MITU PRO BAMBOO FOIL also features some deck inserts in the ideal location for a V dual strap setup at the front to get the most out of your foiling.

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